Slivinski Law Offices – Real Estate Attorneys Serving Pennsylvania

Regardless of whether you are purchasing, selling, leasing, or investing in real estate, you should always seek legal guidance to make sure that all your rights have been protected and all your investments securely established. At Slivinski Law Offices, we offer 40 years of real estate law experience in conducting real estate transactions for clients throughout Pennsylvania.

Offering informed, knowledgeable and legally sound advice concerning Pennsylvania real estate transactions, Slivinski Law Offices serve both residential and commercial clients with all their real estate law needs. We work with property owners, developers, builders, buyers, sellers, tenants and others to make sure that any real estate transaction they engage in goes smoothly. Should an occasion arise in which litigation is inevitable, we’ll represent you in your real estate lawsuit as well.

We Diligently Protect the Legal Rights of Our Pennsylvania Real Estate Clients

Slivinski Law Offices knows that in any real estate transaction, the role of a real estate law attorney is to analyze every situation with due diligence, protect the rights of clients, and see that any real estate transaction project concludes amicably and with as few legal entanglements as possible. We bring our experience as skilled negotiators, thorough contract analyzers, and legal advocates to every real estate issue we deal with. We know the Pennsylvania real estate market and are familiar with the regulatory requirements and procedures for the areas in which we practice, so you can be assured that when you engage our services, you are well represented.

Our real estate law services include the following transactions and representations.

  • Real Estate Sales and Purchases
  • Land Disputes
  • Title Insurance Issues
  • Landlord/Tenant Agreements and Disputes
  • Real Estate Civil Litigation Matters