Slivinski Law Offices Offers Estate Planning Legal Services

Neglecting to take care of estate planning responsibilities is a common mistake many Americans make. The only way to ensure that your legacy is correctly planned for is by obtaining a qualified attorney who handles Estate Planning. Many Americans do not take the time to even consider planning for their future, and often pass without any directives, including medical directives. At Slivinski Law Offices, we have the experience you want working for you when you need estate planning legal services.

With years of experience in estate planning legal representation of clients throughout Pennsylvania, the attorneys at Slivinski Law Offices offer clients individual estate planning assistance to ensure that your assets are safe and accessible to your loved ones. We carefully listen to your wishes and desires concerning your estate and craft the legal documents that meet your specifications, assure that they meet all Pennsylvania estate planning law guidelines, and assist in any changes or disbursements you might need along the way.

Estate Planning Services Offered at Slivinski Law Offices to Pennsylvania Residents

Our estate planning legal services include preparation and advice concerning:

  • Wills – a legal document that outlines your intentions with regard to your finances, home and other possessions and assets upon the event of your death.
  • Power of Attorney – a legal document which gives another individual or institution the legal power to conduct business concerning your finances, home, or assets should you be unable to do so yourself.
  • Trusts – the creation of a legal entity where your assets can be transferred into upon your death that is overseen by a Trustee. Various types of trusts have different benefits. At Slivinski Law Offices we’ll help you decide which type best suits your needs.
  • Living Wills – a legal document which specifically states your wishes of medical and financial care should you become incapacitated to handle these decisions on your own. You can specify what types of medical treatments you wish to accept and which you wish to decline.
  • Retirement planning
  • Business success planning
  • Probate services – the process whereby all the administrative process of someone’s will are handled. A sometimes complicated, paper intensive process, the probation of a will is best accomplished by finding an experienced probate attorney to deal with it.
  • Other customized estate planning services crafted to your particular needs.