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Being charged with a DUI or underage drinking is a negative event that can impact the rest of your life. That’s why you need an experienced DUI attorney you can trust. A DUI or underage drinking charge in Pennsylvania can jeopardize your driving privileges, your freedom, your auto insurance premiums and leave you with a criminal record that can hinder your ability to gain employment and other aspects of your future. If aggravating factors are involved in your PA DUI charge, such as injury to passengers in your vehicle, other innocent bystanders, or property the penalties you could face may be substantial. To mitigate these damages, your first call for any alcohol offense in Pennsylvania should be to a qualified, experienced PA DUI attorney, like those at Slivinski Law Offices.

Most individuals facing an alcohol offense often wait too long before contacting an attorney. While your Court date may seem a long time away after your charge, your immediate concern upon receiving a DUI or Underage Drinking citation should be protection of your driving privileges in the short term, as getting to work or school could impact your financial stability and future job prospects immensely. In PA, your DUI or Underage Drinking lawyer does have some legal remedies available to help you keep your license until your case is settled and can also see that your rights are protected throughout the ordeal. Contacting a PA DUI lawyer or underage drinking attorney gives you access to a legal professional who can negotiate on your behalf with prosecutors or provide you with an aggressive defense if litigation proceeds. No matter what the DUI situation, representation by a qualified PA DUI lawyer for legal support will always produce a more positive outcome than going it alone.

Alcohol-related Offenses in Pennsylvania can have Serious Consequences

At Slivinski Law Offices, we are highly-experienced in the handling PA DUI cases. Our knowledgeable attorneys have successfully assisted all types of alcohol-related charges for clients, including:

  • DUI charges
  • Underage drinking charges
  • Public intoxication charges
  • False arrest on DUI charges
  • Other alcohol-related offenses