Slivinski Law Offices Provides Legal Representation to Those Charged with a Crime in Pennsylvania

Contact with law enforcement and being charged with a crime, not matter how serious, can be a life changing experience. That’s why you need a reliable criminal defense attorney. When dealing with the criminal justice system, you need an understanding, experienced criminal law attorney on your side to provide legal backing when you face criminal charges, or even the threat of criminal charges. Slivinski Law Offices provides experienced criminal defense attorneys that will battle for you in every step of the process. We will aggressively protect your rights in any Pennsylvania criminal court of law. Our services extend to even individuals that have been arrested, to ensure that your rights are not violated.

We Diligently Defend the Rights of Pennsylvania Clients Accused of a Crime

As your criminal defense attorney, we will thoroughly analyze the circumstances, investigate the evidence, and treat you with the dignity you deserve regardless of the charges against you. Our goal is to ensure that you are properly represented and not taken advantage of by the court system, to ensure that every possible avenue is explored, including such alternate remedies like treatment court, ARD, or having your charges nolle prossed.

It is not recommended that an individual facing criminal prosecution, or even investigation, attempt to handle the matter on their own. Hire a competent, experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney to help you navigate the criminal court system.

We handle minor and major criminal cases that include, but are not limited to:

  • DUI and possession cases
  • Traffic violations
  • Non-traffic summary issues
  • Misdemeanors of all types
  • Felonies
  • Juvenile matters

If you have been taken into custody and accused of a crime, you need to contact us immediately. Proper legal representation and investigation of the crime is paramount in the case of Pennsylvania criminal charges. Having an aggressive defense attorney on your side during the investigation may lead to you not being charged at all. No matter what your criminal case is, no matter what stage it is, we will zealously represent you and at the very least, mitigate the consequences.