Slivinski Law Offices Offers Legal Services to
Businesses & Corporations

Handling all the paperwork and legalities associated with creating a business on your own can sometimes be overwhelming. At Slivinski Law Offices, our business lawyers have the experience to assist companies of all sizes legal services. We handle the preparation of all documents associated with not only the formation of your business, but any and all paperwork associated with the upkeep of your business. Our business lawyers will take the time to sit down and discuss every aspect of your business model with you, and fully explain the pro’s and con’s for each type of business entity the state permits.

For over 40 years, Slivinski Law Offices has provided legal assistance to businesses and corporations in the forming of corporate entities and in the document preparation that goes along with that process. Our business lawyers are conscientious to stay up-to-date on Pennsylvania corporate law to assure that our business and corporate clients comply with all regulatory, statutory, and other legal mandates. In addition, we are thorough in our research concerning any state, city, or local legal requirements your particular industry must meet to operate.

We Help Pennsylvania Clients in Corporation Creation and Corporation Document Preparation

Forming a corporate entity can be a complex, paper intensive and time-consuming undertaking. At Slivinski Law Offices, our business lawyers have the experience and the knowledge to get your business up and running as well as to assist you the maintenance of that business venture.

Our Corporation Formation Services include formation of:

  • Limited liability companies (LLC)
  • S corporations
  • C corporations
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLP)
  • General partnerships
  • Non-profit corporations — 501(c)(3)

Forms associated with these types of businesses can be found at the Pennsylvania Department of State.

We offer advice to sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations about the development and implementation of your company’s internal programs so you’ll know what you need to do in the way of educating the officers, employees and stockholders in your particular market. In addition, we offer ongoing legal representation of your corporate entity should future legal issues or conflicts arise that need the experienced legal services of a Pennsylvania attorney.